Recycling Creates Opportunity for Sustainability

CASS is a unique closed loop-recycling and manufacturing company in the heart of West Oakland, California.

Committed to reduce its environmental impact and focused is on developing & producing sustainable aluminum products through a closed loop system to meet our clients’ needs today and in the future.

By adopting a life-cycle approach, CASS recycles end-of-life aluminum products back into raw material to be used to create new and useful products.

Edward B. Kangeter IV - CEO


Edward B. Kangeter IV
Chief Executive Officer
Chal Sulprizio

CASS was founded in 1969, when entrepreneur Chal Sulprizio bought Associated Metals in Oakland and rechristened it Custom Alloy Scrap Sales.

This small nonferrous scrap processor and aluminum melter had six employees and a small 2,000lb sweat furnace.

Over the decades, Chal navigated an evolving market, difficult times, and well-deserved successes by seizing all of the opportunities available. Our founder’s lifelong dedication to CASS laid the solid foundation that is at the core of what our company is today.

From the beginning, we committed to setting a higher standard of environmental performance.

To exemplify our commitment to leading the industry, our manufacturing and recycling facilities are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Our highly detailed quality and environmental management systems give us unmatched efficiency, organization, and consistency. As a member of ISRI and a London Metal Exchange registered brand, we have pledged to excel above all industry standards.

How we work