About Us

CASS is a unique closed loop-recycling and manufacturing company in the heart of West Oakland, California.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of who we are and what we do. We consider the present and future implications in all aspects of our operations to protect the health and safety of our team and the community.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through recycling end-of-life metal and producing sustainable aluminum products to meet our clients’ needs today and in the future.

The Founding

In 1969, entrepreneur Chal Sulprizio bought Associated Metals in Oakland and rechristened it Custom Alloy Scrap Sales.

This small nonferrous scrap processor and aluminum melter had six employees and a small 2,000lb sweat furnace.

Over the decades, Chal navigated an evolving market, difficult times, and well-deserved successes by seizing all of the opportunities available. Our founder’s lifelong dedication to CASS laid the solid foundation that is at the core of what our company is today.

The Present

Today, CASS has grown to a 200+ employees that manufactures over 140 million pounds of aluminum and processes over 100,000 ton of ferrous annually. As CASS continues to grow, we ensure that our focus always remains on the well-being of our people and the safety & sustainability of our processes.

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