Recycling Creates Opportunity for Sustainability

Commercial & Industrial Metal Recycling

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Efficiency and Profitability

The industry is under increasing pressure to make smart decisions in order to remain competitive and profitable. How you manage and minimize your recycling at your yard or warehouse is one of many factors that impact your operation and your bottom line. We know improving the efficiency of your material flow is important to you and to your operation.


At CASS, we understand the importance of precision and accuracy. We strive to provide our clients with complete transaction transparency for each pound purchased. Every time material hits our certified scale, our system automatically takes a photo, documents the weight, and stores all of the data. This allows our client to track the full process their material goes through from pick-up to payment.


CASS has invested in technology to provide superior service and support. We have implemented a real-time GPS tracking system into our fleet of trucks and trailers that monitors efficiency and accelerates service response times. All rolling stock and bins are tracked using a GPS barcode system which allows us to provide our clients with automated real-time updates and tracking data for all material and equipment.

Certificate of Destruction

When proof or assurance of a material’s destruction is needed, CASS is capable of securely destroying proprietary parts and products through crushing, shearing, or melting. Upon request, CASS will can provide a Certificate of Destruction verifying that your materials have been completely destroyed.

Container Services

To help your business develop an efficient metal management program, we accommodate short and long term needs, as well as on-demand service requests for containers. Our commercial team can assist in selecting the most cost-effective container type, size and service configuration possible. A few of the most commonly requested containers we provide are:

  • 4x4 Bins
  • 18 Yard Containers
  • 30 Yard Containers
  • 40 Yard Containers
  • Fleet of End Dumps
  • Self Dumping Hoppers
  • Specially Designed Bins
  • Steel Drums